Month: May 2018

What Are Some Typical Legal Issues in the Construction Industry?

The construction industry is complex, bringing together operations across many different fields to complete major projects. Construction law is likewise complex, and covers construction, engineering, finance, real estate and other fields. Lawyers for construction companies may have practice areas covering contracts, commercial law, planning, labor law, and torts. Large construction companies may face legal issues such as faulty installation claims or injuries. Involving experienced construction lawyers at every stage of a project may help toRead more

Finding the Right Attorney Can Help You Prepare for an Upcoming Personal Injury Claim

These are the kind of questions no one wants to prepare for. Who will cover the hospital expenses? Who will cover the cost of the necessary rehabilitation services? How will I pay my bills if I am unable to work? Unfortunately, however, these are the kinds of difficult questions that need to be addressed if you are seeking a car accident claim. If the only questions that you have had to consider after a carRead more