Delete Does Not Always Delete From Your Computer

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Think back 12 years ago. Does the name Enron ring a bell? It was December of 2001 when Enron filed for bankruptcy. Hundreds of employees were left jobless. Shareholders, creditors and auditors were left without a cent. And yet, some of the executives actually managed to walk away with earnings. Its shady dealings and sudden collapse led many, including the United States government, to scratch their heads and wonder how something like that could happen.

This led to the growth and popularity of a burgeoning field of investigation known as computer and digital forensics, sometimes known as ediscovery solutions. The field focuses on finding admissible digital evidence on computers, digital storage devices, and even on the internet. The job of the forensic computer examiner is an ever-changing and evolving one as new technologies are invented and introduced everyday. Forensic computer examiners need to stay on top of the new tech and trends in order to be able to perform their job effectively.

In order for digital evidence to be deemed usable in courts, it must be shown as untouched by the investigators. Whenever a file is accessed on a computer, it is changed. Even if nothing is edited or deleted, the time stamp on the file changes to the most recent date that it was opened. And there is no way to know what has been done to the file. When digital evidence was first brought into courtrooms, it was thrown right out because there was no way to prove that the condemning evidence was not simply planted. With ediscovery, there is software that can preserve the file completely, and track the process in order to ensure the integrity of the evidence.

Yet the field itself is not infallible. For the average computer user, data can be found quickly and easily. Yet, for someone with a modicum of advanced computer knowledge, there are programs that can protect or corrupt devices that hold digital evidence should they become compromised. There are ways around the prying eyes of the examiner. Again, that is why they need to continue to develop new techniques in order to bypass the safeguards.

Computer forensics is an exciting and growing field. Entering into it as a career could be just what you have been looking for. It is challenging, fulfilling, and because it is so new, there are plenty of opportunities out there for the fledgling investigator. Find out more at this site:

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