Do I Need Legal Representation When Filing For A Divorce?

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Filing for a divorce is an involved decision. It takes months, sometimes years, of planning and involves multiple people to reach a viable conclusion. Because of the arduous and complicated nature of divorce many find themselves at a loss when it comes to just getting started. Divorce lawyers are your resource through these tough times, providing you ease of access when it comes to filing paperwork, setting up court hearings and reaching out to relevant parties. The country sees a divorce happening every 36 seconds — learn how a family lawyer or divorce attorney can make sure you don’t go through this process alone.

Quick Statistics

Divorce is on the rise. Although men and women have been found to end non-marital relationships in fairly equal numbers, women are far more likely to initiate divorce. A 2015 study provided by the American Sociological Association revealed women will end 70% of all divorces. It’s also estimated nearly 85% of all parents who receive custody of their children are mothers. Legal representation will ensure all your questions are answered and any fears about custody or relocation are addressed to the fullest of the state’s ability.

The State Of Marriage And Divorce

Divorce lawyers are being offered more opportunities than ever to practice in the field of family law. The United States has seen a sharp drop in marriage rates and a significant uptick in divorce requests or inquiries — it’s estimated over 40% of all first marriages will end in divorce, with second and third marriages still boasting the highest rates as we know it. Around 30% of failing marriages involve couples with children, as well. The average length of an American marriage is 11 years and, as of today, the vast majority of divorces will be settled outside the court. The best lawyers will be able to assist with all aspects of a smooth and untroubled divorce proceeding.

Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Should you have children involved it’s imperative you reach out to divorce lawyers in your area. Over one million children are involved in divorce proceedings each year and some of the most contentious disputes involve child custody and visitation rights. Your state will have a profound effect on the end result of your case — New York courts, for example, are able to make orders about child custody until they turn 18. This is due to the court actively prioritizing ‘the best interest of the child’, meaning both parents can have equal rights if there is no court order to the contrary.

Asset Relocation And Mediation Services

If you and your partner own a home, or share joint custody of a small business, reaching out to divorce lawyers will ensure all parties are satisfied to the fullest of their ability. Due to the precarious nature of finances it’s often necessary to have a mediator to stand in as an objective party, overseeing discussions of ownership, relocation, joint custody and potential court awards. The Bureau Of Justice Statistics saw over 55% of civil trials in state courts being decided in the plaintiff’s favor. The median award is around $28,000 and nearly 5% of plaintiffs will win $1 million.

When To Get An Attorney

If you’ve been through a divorce proceeding before it’s possible you’re familiar with the process. Even then, the field of family law is constantly changing and a fresh pair of eyes can pinpoint details you may overlook. The United States sees over 876,000 divorces every year and the more complex cases are often presented to a family law firm to ensure a satisfied conclusion for all parties. Should you have additional details in your case, such as visitation rights or domestic violence, divorce lawyers should be contacted as soon as possible, especially since a divorce can take a full year to process fully.

Take your time considering all your options. When you’ve reached a sound decision, divorce lawyers will be available to help.

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