Do You Need a Lawyer Who Specializes?

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How often do you think people are injured by a drunk driver? Yes, people die from innumerable illnesses and accidents every minute of every day. And yet, do we know the number caused by the combination of alcohol and a moving vehicle? The answer actually is two: every two minutes someone is injured due to a drunk driver.

If you think that sounds bad, have pity for the motorcyclists. In one 2013 study it was found a motorcyclist was 26 times more likely to die in a crash, and five times as likely as a vehicle passenger to be injured. Several questions come to mind looking at these numbers. The only question we will concern ourselves with for the moment is this one: who pays the medical bills from these injuries?

What Do Lawyers Do?

In personal injury settlements, the lawyers argue on behalf of their client, focusing namely on who was at fault (or more at fault) during the incident. For example, in the case of a drunk driver the lawyer may advise their client to plead guilty or not, depending of course on the evidence presented and the sentencing they may receive. At times, pleading guilty and therefore admitting to a fault in judgement can bring a lesser sentence. But not always. So it is best to ask a lawyer who has extensive experience with the nature of your case. Basically, find a personal injury attorney that specializes in your particular case.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

It is unlikely they will advertise their law firm as such, but yes. A motorcycle accident attorney would be one who has decided to specialize in car accident settlements. There are specific questions to ask when a motorcyclist is involved that another lawyer ,who is inexperienced with such cases, may not understand the importance of. A “motorcycle accident attorney” would know, for example, to ask about what the rider was wearing in terms of protective and reflective gear, as well as the time of day the accident occurred. They would know if there have been similar accidents at that location, as well as the length of time the client has been operating a motorcycle. A more experienced motorcyclist is less likely to make a mistake when riding.

A vehicle crash can be jarring. When there are injuries involved, the added stress of recuperating can be difficult. It is not just the physical wounds, but the time out from life that is so detrimental. Missing days from work combined with expensive hospital bills can seem overwhelming. If you have questions, seek the help of someone who knows what your case needs for you to win.

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