Filing for Expungement San Diego

Expungement california

People living in Southern California can clear their criminal record through a process called expungement california. There are several good lawyers who have experience with expungement San Diego. If you are looking for help with this type of legality you should and tell a criminal lawyer “I want to clear my record San Diego”. An expungement lawyer can file for a DUI expungement California for you under certain circumstances as well as other kinds of criminal records.

Expungement San Diego is very important for anyone with a criminal record because it is very hard to get a job if you don’t get your record cleared. Usually when job applicants fill out their job applications they will be asked if they have a criminal record. If you do have a criminal record you have to be truthful about it. Employers who do background checks can find out very easily if you do have a record. If you go through an expungement San Diego your record will be cleared. Getting an expungement San Diego will allow you to check the box that says “no” when asked if you have a criminal record. An expungement San Diego works for both a felony record and a misdemeanor record. If you have convictions they will be expunged or wiped off of your record, just as if you never had them. However, this is a legal matter that should be handled by an experienced lawyer that knows how to do an expungement San Diego.

Getting an expungement San Diego is not free. There are court fees and attorney fees that are required. You must have also fufilled your probation requirements and a certain amount of time must have passed before you can file an expungement San Diego. There may be other certain requirements that must be met. The lawyer you go to can fill you in on everything you need to know about an expungement San Diego. Not all lawyers are the same though so make sure you find an experienced expungement lawyer that has a good track record with clearing client criminal records in the State of California. Various expungement lawyers may also require differing fee amounts so make sure you do some comparison shopping when you are going to do an expungement San Diego.

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