Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney May Help Avoid the Most Severe Penalties

From the second your 30 year old son moved home, you feared that you would need the services of a DUII attorney at some point.

After living on the coast for the last five years with his wife, you were shocked when she called and said that she was buying your son a plane ticket and sending him home. She was tired of the drinking. Tired of the arguments, Tired of the problems that his alcoholism had caused in their marriage.

You were shocked. You knew that your son drank a little more than you and your husband were comfortable with, but you thought his drinking was a part of the big city lifestyle that the two of them lived on the coast. You had received one disturbing phone call six months ago when your daughter in law called to say that your son was in the hospital because his nose would not stop bleeding, but at that time neither of them indicated to you that drinking was part of the problem.

When your son first came home, he was ashamed and embarrassed and said that he was done drinking. Within a few weeks, however, you began to notice the signs that his wife had told you about on the phone. Your son, it seems, had such a high tolerance that he was likely lying and drinking behind your back the whole time. Under the guise of saying that he was finishing a paper for a Master’s Degree in math, he would spend entire days in the basement. You later found out, however, that there were empty liquor bottles stashed all over the house. Without access to a car since he returned home, you were foolishly certain that he would not have access to alcohol. You later found out that he was riding his bike into town to buy his poison nearly every day both you and your husband were at work. Even more foolish, you believed the story that he was exercising.

Once your son went behind and purchased a used car from a seller on the internet, your fears of having to contact a DUII attorney increased. All you could do was hope that the DUII lawyers would only be needed for being pulled over while he was drinking and driving. You knew, or course, how much worse the consequences would be if he were to cause a personal injury accident after one of his binges.

Alcoholism Is the Cause of Many Ruined Marriages and Wasted Lives
If you are the parent of an adult son or daughter who is an alcoholic you know the fear of phones ringing in the middle of the night and all the talk of tough love. When it comes right down to it, however, it is difficult to not call a DUII attorney or other legal representatives even when you know that bailing them out will serve no good purpose. It might be a waste of money, but it is difficult to watch a child of yours, no matter the age, risk longer jail times, larger fines, and the other implications of a drunk driving offense because you did not help find an attorney.

Wasted money or not, many parents of sons or daughters who are alcoholics find themselves in very challenging situations. Between rehab stays, drunk driving arrests, and long nights waiting for a phone call, the whole situation can be exhausting.

A DUII conviction can cost $20,000 or more and cause problems with future job opportunities, so it is difficult to watch an adult son or daughter struggle when your money might be able to help. Research shows that an average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest, but when that arrest finally happens many parents are willing to find a DUII attorney for their child.

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