The Advantages of Finding Experienced DUI Defense

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction can significantly impact your life. Unless you are a lawyer yourself, you’ll need the help of DUI attorneys to navigate the court system and minimize the long-term consequences. That said, not every lawyer is created equal. You need to be intentional with your approach to finding and hiring a lawyer.

You can start by soliciting personal recommendations from close friends, family, or neighbors. They can give you valuable information on the attorney’s performance. Through their case’s outcome, you’ll learn if you can drive after getting a DUI.

If you’ve used an attorney for another case before, they can also be a great resource. They’ll likely know a legal professional who specializes in criminal defense. They can also help you determine your chances when it comes to can I drive after a DUI.

Ensure you hire a licensed attorney. Only a licensed legal professional can represent you in court. Refer to your State Bar website to verify whether the lawyer you want to hire holds a license to practice law in your state.

Prioritize attorneys with extensive experience in DUI cases, as they better understand the ins and outs of DUI laws and can increase your chances of getting a DUI pass. The answer to the question ‘If you get a DUI can you still drive’ depends on the severity of your case.

Don’t go through the process alone. Get legal help from a DUI attorney.

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Although DUI is a serious offense, studies show that 29% convictions are against people who have been DUI offenders before. Nevertheless, a DUI conviction brings some heavy consequences; therefore, it is a very good idea for the individual to retain good, experienced DUI defense.

Along with a ticket for DUI could come tickets for other infractions that just kind of follow along within the same category. It is not uncommon to receive a speeding ticket in addition to a ticket for driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, because the offender, not being of sound mind, may not be aware of the speed at which he or she is traveling. There is a whole list of problems that arise with a DUI offense! Therefore, a good DUI defense attorney is essential. Regardless of the reason a person is driving above the speed limit, it is a fact that this year alone one out of every five drivers will be pulled over and ticketed for speeding.

Something that a person who is given a ticket for DUI has to look forward to is a suspended license. Statistics show, however, that, in spite of having been convicted for drunk driving and having had their license suspended, 58% of people will continue driving. Furthermore, the average drunk driver will actually drive in that condition 80 times before being pulled over. DUI offenses bring with them some very stiff punishments. Most of the time a DUI or DWI is considered a misdemeanor, but, it could also be charged as a felony. The punishment for this conviction as a misdemeanor is a jail term of no more than one year in a county jail, as well as suspension of the offender’s license along with fines. The punishment changes, however, if the DUI is counted as a felony. In that case it could mean several years’ time away in a state penitentiary.

Having said all this, it is not only obvious, but imperative that any individual arrested for a DUI or DWI offense needs to retain a good criminal defense lawyer as soon as they are able. Not only will good DUI defense consist of gathering all data and information regarding the case and the client, but the attorney will also investigate law enforcement involved to be sure that they upheld the law and the rights of the client. The attorney should be up to date with any changes in the law regarding DUI offenses and should be on top of every step throughout the client’s case. He or she will begin their defense with the intake interview, the arraignment, and litigation, if necessary.

If litigation is called for, it will include a hardship hearing, possibly a refusal hearing if the client refused a breath test, and possibly a hearing before trial that would challenge the fact that the client was stopped by law enforcement in the first place, or probable cause. An attorney with a strong, successful background in DUI defense will know every step before it is taken, and will be on top of any situations that could arise. Even if the fact is that the client refused a blood test or breath test for proof of intoxication upon their arrest, an experienced, knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer will know how to go about making this a positive aspect of the case.

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer who presents a responsible defense for people who have committed, and have been charged for, a felony or crime. This attorney represents the client in court, throughout the case, and, if a jury selection is necessary, he or she will also be involved on the client’s behalf. The attorney will, in addition, be involved in the trial and sentencing and in any plea bargaining that takes place.

Criminal defense attorneys will handle a DUI defense by calling witnesses to the defense, as well as cross-examining witnesses. They may, in addition, work with the prosecutor and the client on an appropriate plea bargain. In the case of a guilty verdict at trial, the attorney will be involved in the sentencing on the client’s behalf in order to make sentence more workable for the offender, and, hopefully, shorter!

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