The Little Expenses that Make Immigrant Life That Much More Expensive

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The U.S. immigration laws are bad – really, really bad. I’d say treatment of immigrants is one of the greatest injustices done in our government’s name,” Bill Gates once said. Immigrants of all economic statuses take monumental risks in the hopes of being welcomed into the United States. Those risks, after time, can start to add up. So what are the hidden costs associated with coming to America?

Want to stay in America for good? You’re going to have to plead your case. Sure, visa paperwork is all available for free but navigating the application is nearly impossible for a lay person. If you or your family want a chance at being granted a visa or citizenship, you’ll need to get an immigrant attorney. Family based immigration processing times vary wildly, as do individual claims. A US immigration attorney can explain the hold up when family based immigration processing times get too long. They can help you make wise decisions while in the US to poise yourself and your family for citizenship.

Health Care
The National Center for Health Statistics says that an about 31 million injuries happen to individuals in the US that require medical attention. Of those 31 million, 2 million will need to be hospitalized. While immigrants are awaiting a verdict on their visas, they often can not leave the country to access inexpensive medical care in their home countries. That leaves them with few options. Many visit doctors in the United States whose prices are set far above anything that any person can afford. Health care costs can easily make anyone go broke, especially immigrants.

In many ways, the immigration system precludes people who make less than a specific amount from playing in a legal fashion. Even a cheap immigration lawyer costs more than many people have access to.

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