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postheadericon Taking A Look At The Prevalence Of Personal Injury Cases In The United States

As any personal injury attorney is likely to be all too well aware of, car accident and other such motor vehicle accident cases make up a simply huge portion of all cases seen by your typical personal injury attorney. In fact, car accidents represent more than fifty percent (fifty two percent, to be more exact) of all personal injury cases seen in this country, followed very distantly by personal injury cases related to medical malpractice. There are many reasons that a personal injury attorney will look to take on a car accident personal injury, and many reasons that such preventable car accidents happen so frequently in the first place.

There are so many personal injury cases handled by your average personal injury attorney that relate to car accidents in part because there are simply so many car accidents all throughout the United States. In the span of just one single year, as many as six million car accidents are likely to take place. And in those car accidents, as many as th Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon From Car Accidents To Construction Accidents A Look At Personal Injury Cases In The United States

From construction accidents to car accidents to work injuries, personal injury cases in the United States are more commonplace than many people might realize. Personal injury cases can be long and time consuming, but are often more than worth it for the people who are pursuing settlement money to compensate for pain and suffering. Fortunately, however, as any given personal injury lawyer can tell you, the vast majority of all personal injury cases here in the United States are able to be settled pre trial. In fact, no more than five percent are ever actually seen in a court room and before a judge or a jury.

Aside from construction accidents, car and other such motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of personal injury cases all throughout the country. In fact, with more than six million car accidents every single year in th Read the rest of this entry »

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