Red Light Camera Tickets Are the Worst, But Here Are Two Ways To Fight Them

Misdemeanor traffic offense

Red light camera tickets: they always come out of the blue, usually taken in an intersection you don’t even remember, and quite possibly sent from a state that you drove through during a road trip and which you never want to drive through again. These traffic violations are annoying and expensive, and they’re often issued using questionable photo evidence collected from cameras stationed at intersections.

If you’ve received one of these traffic violations, you are definitely not alone. And if you feel like the ticket you’ve received is unfair or inaccurate, you’re not alone in that respect either. Multiple states have already prohibited the use of these radar and camera devices, or there are strict rules that police officers must follow if they intend to issue traffic violations, using these devices for assistance.

Many other drivers have banded together, working with traffic violation lawyers, to make helpful lists for other drivers who are wondering how to beat red light camera tickets. For starters…

  • Many people don’t realize that cities often have their own minimum time limits for the length of yellow lights, and if you drove through an intersection that has a yellow light lasting less than this minimum length, that’s not only a serious crime on behalf of the city and the light manufacturer and operator — that’s a ticket you probably don’t deserve. This actually happens more often than you’d think, so it’s worthwhile to double check the numbers behind your case.
  • Secondly, make sure to question everything regarding the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided by the camera. All of these electronic devices are produced by third-party for-profit companies, and the fees you pay after receiving a ticket mostly go to the city and and state, so it’s always possible that some of the information has been manipulated in order to make a stronger case against drivers like you. If you can raise enough doubt about the legality and accuracy of the evidence, it’s unlikely that a court will still uphold the charges against you.

And in any situation, when you’re fighting a traffic ticket for any charge, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a legal professional!
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