4 Tips for Safe Travel

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Traffic crashes are common all over the country and can have disastrous effects. In 2008, for every 100,000 vehicle crashes in the United States, two pedestrians were killed. A pedestrian crash death occurs for about every 70 million miles walked. In 2010, over 4,000 pedestrians were killed and about 70,000 were injured in traffic crashes. The best way to protect yourself against such a tragedy is by paying attention to what is going on around you and avoiding distracting activities like texting or talking on the phone. Some people who want even more peace of mind purchase personal injury insurance to protect against the possibility of an accident.

If you’re concerned about the dangers of automobile crashes and you want to protect yourself, there are many ways to practice safe behavior. You can’t always control what other people are doing, but learning defensive driving tips and ways to be an alert pedestrian can minimize your chances of getting into an accident. If you decide to purchase personal injury insurance, you will feel even more confident about having a positive outcome if there is an accident.

In the event of a crash, you should immediately file personal injury claims with your insurance. You should contact a car accident attorney to make sure you get the personal injury compensation that you are entitled to under your policy. Still, the best way to keep yourself safe is to do everything you can to avoid an accident in the first place, so here are some ways to stay safe whether you’re driving a car or walking near traffic.

    1. Stay alert
    Modern day life requires constant interaction with the world. If you’re walking or driving, it’s best to give this activity your full attention by avoiding talking to other people on your cell phone. Texting and phone conversations command a significant portion of your attention and you are less able to watch out for other drivers. Other things like eating or listening to music can also divert your attention, and if you can, it’s a good idea to do these things when you’re not in traffic.

    2. Take a defensive driving course
    This is a popular way for people to protect against other drivers who might not be fully attentive to driving. When other people aren’t paying attention, you’re at risk for a crash even if you are practicing safe driving habits. A defensive driving course can teach you techniques to react quickly if someone else makes a driving mistake, and this can protect you and other passengers in the car. A driving course may also lower your insurance rates, so check with your personal injury insurance company to see if you can get a discounted rate if you sign up for a course.

    3. Invest in car safety features
    Advances in driving technology have made more safety features available to the masses. These features can alert drivers to upcoming accidents, problems in traffic, or dangerous road conditions. You still need to stay fully aware of your surroundings, but you have a system in place that acts as a back up and can help you see things you might not otherwise notice.

    4. Understand how dangerous driving is
    Most people drive every day and it’s a regular activity. Because it’s so common, it’s easy to forget how dangerous driving really is. Controlling a vehicle means you need to be fully aware of everything around you. Even a brief distraction can have disastrous consequences, so make sure you always pay attention. See this link for more references. For more, read this link.

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