The Aftermath of a Truck Driving Injury

Personal injury lawyer

Were you injured in a semi truck accident? You were driving along when the truck?s brakes gave out and despite constant attempts to stop the truck, it would not come to a complete stop. You ran head on into a traffic railing and awaited help. You were probably afraid, stressed, and angered. Now that you have been treated medically, you are worried about income. How will you work and provide for your family, when you can no longer operate a truck? Fortunately, you can options.

Consult with a personal injury attorney

Personal injury attorneys are familiar with these types of cases. They are familiar with the personal injury legal process as well. They will look further into your trucking accident and establish who was at fault. Even if the police report has already identified the at fault party, this is not always conclusive. The actual party at fault will establish whether or not you qualify for a personal injury legal claim. This claim could cover your medical costs, loss of employment, and any trucking repair costs.

It could be important for other injured parties

It is also possible that if you were injured while working, that you qualify for worker?s compensation. However, trucking accidents rarely involve only one party. About 98% of all semi truck accidents result in at least one fatality. If a fatality occurred as a result of your trucking accident, you could be sued. You could even be sued much later down the road. Working with personal injury attorneys protects you and ensures that the at fault party is left to blame. A lawsuit for a truck accident fatality could be expensive and long lasting.

The possibility of trucking problems

Many people wrongly assume that all truck accidents are caused by the truck driver. While this is sometimes the case, it is not always. When an employer provides a truck to a trucking driver, they are responsible for the upkeep and safety of that truck. If the appropriate maintenance and upkeep was not done on the truck and it was given to a trucking employee, this could potentially be the cause of the accident. Working with personal injury attorneys will help you look at additional causes, like this one.

When it is the other drivers fault

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, aggressive driving plays a role in approximately 66% of fatal traffic accidents. This is also a common occurrence in truck accidents. In some cases, it can even be the non truck automobile that was engaged in aggressive driving. In many cases, drivers get frustrated at the slow speed of large commercial trucks. They might attempt to cut them off or speed around them to get to their location faster. This type of dangerous driving can lead to both trucking and vehicle accidents that lead to fatalities or severe damages. If this type of situation was involved in your trucking accident, make sure you are working with a semi truck accident attorney. Truck accident law firms are familiar with tractor trailer accidents and can be a valuable resource in your case.

Thousands of people die each year in accidents involving semi trucks. Although many believe that the truck driver is always at fault, this is not accurate. Truck drivers are operating extremely heavy trucks that can be difficult to stop at a moment?s notice. Also, a lack of maintenance can lead to truck problems that could result in a truck accident. If you are dealing with a truck accident as the truck driver, working with personal injury attorneys can be very useful.

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