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postheadericon Arbitration And Mediation Expert Advice For Complicated Cases

Robert bonner

To improve their chances of prevailing in cases of professional malpractice, attorneys often think it wise to seek the assistance of arbitration and mediation services when litigating complex commercial cases.

Such organizations may specialize in one or more particular areas, such as civil rights, international disputes, class actions, bankruptcy issues or copyright and patent law. But many are staffed to handle a wide variety of cases.

Half of all black Americans report that they have faced discrimination in either the workplace or the voting booth, and a thi Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon The One Thing Any Successful Startup Can’t Do Without

International investigations

The U.S. economy owes much to today’s steady rise in startup companies and businesses because these fledgling firms ultimately mean spurts in economic and job growth. Now that more Millenials are inching closer to their 30s, more entrepreneurial minds and budding businessmen feel more confident to carve their own path and bring something different to the market. This encourages more and new consumer participation, and attracts a considerable amount of foreign attention and investment. Having a Eureka moment, coming up with a prototype, and seeking crowdfunding may not be enough, however. What other bases should every startup need to cover?

One should never underestimate the importance (and numerous benefits) of securing a patent for a great idea. While some would put more weight on Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Are You Interested in a Career as a Legal Videographer?

Legal videographer

Technology has created many obvious new careers. Gaming software engineers, social media bloggers, global positioning system technicians, and drone software developers are just a few of the newest jobs involving the ever growing and ever changing field of technology. One career, however, that involves technology but closely mirrors previous careers in the same field is the job of legal videographer.
Part reporter, part photographer, part legal assistant, a career as a legal videographer can be at times mundane and straight forward, and at other times a challenging and exciting avenue of reporting.
Court cases can be long and expensive. The trend of hiring a legal videographer to film routine deposit Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon The Importance of Patenting Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property theft

Have you ever been sitting on the couch and a great idea hit you? Have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic with your mind wandering all over the place and then, Boom, the greatest idea hits you? Now what, you wonder. You want to share your great idea with your family and friends, maybe even your trusted coworker but you don?t want anyone else stealing your thoughts. You wonder can you patent intellectual property. If you can, what are the laws, the regulations and the specifics around it? The many things to consider can be overwhelming. This is where utilizing the services of a patent attorney could be beneficial in protecting your rights and your intellectual property.

Considering that trusted business partners accounted for over 17% of Intellectual Property attackers and former employees a Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Don’t Be Left In The Dark Learn About How You Can Use Law Firms Today

Law firms

These days it seems like something can go wrong at any moment. What can law firms do for the average American? From needing to apply for bankruptcy to dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, the best law firms exist to make sure you can get back on your feet when everything seems to be crashing around you. Read below to learn more about common issues in America and how you can go about contacting a law firm when you need it most.

Car Accidents

It’s estimated around one million people die in road crashes every year, averaging a little over 3,000 deaths per day. Half of all road traffic deaths will occur most frequently in young adults or older adults, with co Read the rest of this entry »

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