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Bail bonds in harris county

Anyone familiar with a law and order-type show has an idea of what ?bail? is. Bail money is meant to be an incentive for the defendant to appear in court and not flee once they are released, pending their trial (which could be weeks or months down the line). Because of this, the bail has to be fairly substantial, often representing nearly a year of wages, or more, depending on both the crime and how likely the defendant is to be a flight risk (this is also why Passports may be taken as a contingency of bail).

Although you may not see yourself as ever needing the services of a bail bondsman, the reality is, many people often end up unexpectedly in need. Statistically speaking, about 52% of American men will be arrested at least once. Many times the trial will determine that the individual is not guilty — but until that time, many people would like to go about their normal routine of going to work and being able to go home, etc., rather than staying in jail.

Why Bail Bond Companies are Needed

So what is the purpose of a bail bond company? Basically, these agencies will pay the bail for you — in return for 10% of its value. So if, for example, your bond is set for $20,000 — then the bail bond agency will be keeping $2,000 as the fee for fronting the money. While this may seem high compared to the cost of other loans, bail bondsman take on a considerable amount of risk. If the person skips out on their court date and flees, it can be difficult to ever locate them — and the money is thus lost.

If you?ve seen shows about bounty hunters, this is one of the reasons they continue to be in demand — bail bond services can at least get some of their money back, if not all of it, if they can locate the individual and get them to return for a court date.

What are Misdemeanor Bonds?

Misdemeanor bonds are one of the most common you may encounter. Offenses are either infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies — infractions are things like traffic tickets, that don?t necessarily require a court appearance. Misdemeanors are more serious (such as shoplifting) and can require up to a year in jail. Felony charges are the most serious (assault, for example) and can require multiple years of jail time if found guilty.

Are you in need of a misdemeanor bonds bailout? Let us know.

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