Litigation Attorneys Help Clients Get Faster Results

Stockbroker fraud lawyer maryland

The slow progress is frustrating.
As you continue to wait for the ruling on the claims against the financial advisors you decide that it might be time to work with a new set of litigation attorneys.
A team of qualified litigation attorneys help clients decide the proper course for the following:

  • fraud
  • churning
  • unsuitability
  • negligence

Most of these cases are decided by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration panels, but are tried by stockbroker fraud attorneys, probate litigation attorneys, and financial advisor attorneys. a brief explanation of each of the possible filings can help clients understand which type of attorney will be the best fit.

  • Fraud. Although this is a broad term that cover many areas, a litigation attorney can help determine when fraud has occurred. Basically, fraud involves a misrepresentation. It can be a misrepresentation of the possibilities of an investment, the misrepresentation of the worth of a college degree program, or the misrepresentation of a piece of real estate.
    Fraud cases are frequently apart of litigation attorney cases. For example, in 2014, attorneys tried 633 corporate fraud pending cases and 1,639 securities and commodities fraud pending cases.
  • Churning. Classified as a breach of securities law in several jurisdictions, churning is the excessive practice of executing trades. Every trade generates a commission, and business associates who are charged with churning are being investigated for the number of trades that they may have unnecessarily filed in order to generate more commission.
  • Unsuitability. Because cases of unsuitability as it refers to investments can have vague parameters, a securities fraud attorney can help determine if a case exists. Broadly defined, unsuitability is an attempt to measure the suitability of an investment recommendation. If, for example, an investor wants only low risk purchases in his or her portfolio, it would be unsuitable for the financial adviser to recommend a high risk trade.
  • Negligence. This is the most most common type of personal injury lawsuit. Negligence is the description of a situation in which a person acts in a careless manner. As a result of the carelessness, someone else gets hurt or property is damaged.

Litigation attorneys can represent clients anywhere in the country on many of these arbitration claims. They can also offer legal advice about estates and trusts litigation. These attorneys can be particularly helpful in claims relating to incompetency and fraud.

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