Month: October 2014

The Top 3 Things Employment Rights Attorneys Wish Workers Knew

All too often, employees aren’t informed as to their workplace rights. Sometimes, employees are just too scared to stand up for their rights. But these employee laws are put in place to protect workers from exploitation, and they’re a vital part of ensuring fair working conditions. Here’s what employment rights attorneys wish that all employees knew: You Are Legally Entitled to Breaks Break time is legally mandated; it’s as simple as that. And while thereContinue reading

The Basics of the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you’re probably thinking about what you need to do next. The whole process can be a little overwhelming, but you should try to keep calm. Here are the basic three parts of a personal injury lawsuit to help you understand the basics of the process. The Accident Personal injury lawsuits always begin with the accident. Whether it is a vehicle accident — which is one of the most commonContinue reading