Month: September 2015

3 Signs You Should Fire Your Current Lawyer

When you’re involved in one or more personal injury lawsuits, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best results for your case. Accident lawyers should make you feel confident in their ability to get you the results you want, not worried that you’ll need to hire an accident lawyer replacement. When you feel like your personal injury lawyer isn’t meeting your standards, keep an eye out for these warning signs, which could meanRead more

Why Choosing To Drive Drunk Is The Stupidest Decision You Could Make

Everyone knows they shouldn’t drive drunk, but sometimes people’s definitions of “driving drunk” can be a little hazy. You may only feel tipsy, but your blood alcohol content (BAC) could still be over the legal amount. Likewise, you may not feel as drunk as you actually are and choosing to get into a car and drive (or get into a car with someone else who claims they’re okay to drive) can be a life alteringRead more

You Are Not Alone–What to do if You Face Police Brutality

We’re taught from a young age to contact the police if our rights have been violated. But who can we rely on when it’s the police themselves who do the violating? Police brutality has been a hot-button topic of late, and while any event involving harm is tragic, the issue is helping to shed light on how to handle a case of police misconduct. You are not alone if you have faced this frightening situation.Read more