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Why Choosing To Drive Drunk Is The Stupidest Decision You Could Make

Everyone knows they shouldn’t drive drunk, but sometimes people’s definitions of “driving drunk” can be a little hazy. You may only feel tipsy, but your blood alcohol content (BAC) could still be over the legal amount. Likewise, you may not feel as drunk as you actually are and choosing to get into a car and drive (or get into a car with someone else who claims they’re okay to drive) can be a life alteringRead more

What To Do If You Are In Danger of a Drinking and Driving Infraction

The number one way to avoid getting pregnant is to never have sex. However, that’s isn’t practical for everyone. The same is true when we talk about alcohol consumption and driving. Whether you were leaving casual after-work drinks or partying all night, there are some simple tips for avoiding getting hit with a drinking and driving infraction. Know the Law For example, the blood alcohol level (BAC) requirement varies from state to state. In Missouri,Read more

If You Find Yourself in the Middle of a DUI Case, Be Sure to Find an Experienced Lawyer

Have you recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated? In advance of a trial, it is important to know your rights and to make sure that the judicial protocol is applied fairly in your case. Because of this, you’ll want to find a good lawyer among criminal defense firms that have special experience and familiarity with state DUI laws. Lawyers in Dayton Ohio, for example, will be well-versed in the minutiae surrounding “OVI,” or OperatingRead more