Year: 2015

The Basics Facts of Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy

Even though the large majority of personal bankruptcy cases are under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is still often a good option for people who are struggling with their finances but do not qualify for Chapter 7. If you’re trying to figure out whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 would be more likely for your own situation, here’s a quick guide about what Chapter 13 bankruptcy entails: Under Chapter 13, and unlike Chapter 7,Read more

Are You in Need of an Experienced Lawyer?

It makes absolutely no sense. You drafted a will 15 years ago. At the time you only had one, not two daughters. You were taking a trip out of the country for your 10 year anniversary and it just seemed like it made good sense to have your wishes in writing. Unfortunately, since that will that you created 15 years ago, you have not done anything else to record your financial wishes. You now haveRead more

3 Things to Expect From Your Lawyer When Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make and isn’t one to be taken lightly, either. Educating yourself before meeting with bankruptcy lawyers will help move the process along as smoothly as possible. While the processes for filing for personal and business bankruptcy varies, the basis remains the same. There are questions you should be prepared to ask and answer as well as ways to prepare yourself. What brought you here: Be prepared toRead more

Couples Therapists Report That Half of Their Clients Are There Because of Infidelity

Although both men and woman are waiting longer to get married, the divorce rate in America continues to hold steady at about 40%, according to recent studies. Experts say that although couples with children may divorce at a slightly lower rate, the rate of divorce does increase with each successive marriage. Almost two-thirds of second marriages end in divorce, and about three-quarters of third marriages fail, regardless of the age of the people who enterRead more

The Statistical Ingredients for a Healthy Marriage

February is the month of love. Ironically, it is also the most common month to file a divorce in. Many therapists and divorce lawyers believe this is the case because it immediately follows the holidays. Perhaps the couple recognized they were headed towards the divorce process, but chose to stick it out through the holidays for the sake of family and any children involved. Whatever the reason, about 41% of first marriages end in divorce,Read more

What You Should Know About Drunk Driving In Colorado

Drunk driving is one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States. While there have been attempts at curbing this behavior through awareness campaigns and technology such as ignition locks, it remains a constant problem that regularly sees everyday people in court. If you have been convicted of a drunk driving charge then it’s recommended you visit a DUI law firm and apply for a criminal defense lawyer. Below are basic facts andRead more

New Study Shows Florida the Leader in Successful Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If you need to find personal injury attorneys Florida might be your best bet these days. Sunshine, elderly people, and apparently a whole lot of medical malpractice is what you can expect to find in the state of Florida these days. A new study by Aon Risk Solutions and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management has found that the Sunshine State’s future is not very bright for medical professionals as it has the highestRead more

Is Your Pharmacy Ethical? Massive Prosecution of Medicare Fraud Cases Rising

Recently, a startling case made headlines: the United States Department of Justice charged over 240 people with generating Medicare fraud cases that totaled more than $700 million. Charges of fraudulent billing, professional malpractice, and violating medication license agreements were all levied on a group that included over 40 doctors and nurses, making it the largest case of Medicare fraud prosecution that this country has seen thus far. The charges ranged from fraudulent billing to chargingRead more

How to Answer Your Marriage Problems Questions

There was once a point in history when marriage truly was intended for life. In our age, we now know that such thoughts are optimistic at best. With divorce rates at an all time high in America, many individuals are rethinking earlier conceptions of both marriage and divorce. Whether you’re ready to settle down, or just hoping that seven is your lucky number, it pays to know what to expect from both marriage and divorce.Read more

When You Should Call an Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in any way, shape, or form, your first thought is likely how to regain what you’ve lost. In some cases, that means money because of missed work, or money for a damaged car. Sometimes you may not be able to gain back what was lost, but you still want justice. Whatever the situation, a personal injury lawsuit and lawyer can get you to your goal. Read on for just a fewRead more