Month: March 2017

Finding the Right Attorney When It Matters Most

It’s late and he doesn’t even remember getting in the car. The thing he remembers the most is the way his head is throbbing from smashing against the steering wheel when his car hit hers from behind. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and when the officers got him out of the car, he could not pass a sobriety test. He is on his way to his first DUI and he has no ideaRead more

Three Situations Where a Lawyer Should be Hired

Injuries can happen to us in just about any situation in life. Two of the most common injuries people will endure is either an automobile or personal injury. In either of the previously mentioned situations, it is always wise to have a professional fighting on your behalf. Motorcyclists know the dangers of traveling on the open road. Statistics show that, in 2013, 88,000 people were injured while riding a motorcycle. Tragically, a National Highway TrafficRead more