Month: July 2017

Are You in Need of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring a personal defense lawyer can come in handy for those charged with drug offenses. Both a prosecuting attorney and defense attorney in court are skilled at dealing with clients faced with misdemeanor criminal offenses. Ensure you work with a reasonable criminal defense attorney for the success of your case. The best specialist to hire has completed the necessary years of education in the criminal defense and law sectors. You should also make sure youRead more

I’m Injured and Don’t Understand Worker’s Comp What Do I Do?

No one wants to get injured, and that goes doubly so for workplace injuries that require time off to heal. Back in 2013, there were nearly 100,000 occupational injuries and illnesses that required workers to miss work to recover. The good news is that workers compensation can cover related medical expenses and lost wages, but this is rarely an easy or straightforward process. Some workers may require lawyers experienced in workers comp if their claimRead more

What You Can Expect When Facing a DUII Charge

Drunk drivers face severe consequences in any state if they’re caught driving under the influence. Most people associate driving under the influence as being related to alcohol, but driving under the influence of illicit drugs can be just as deadly, as can driving under the influence of distractions — most often cell phones. Some states don’t just issue DUI’s — driving while intoxicated (or impaired) (DWI), driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), operating whileRead more