Month: October 2023

10 Illegal Waste Practices That Can Lead to Costly Litigation

A recent United Nations Environmental Program study revealed that a staggering 90 % of the World’s electronic waste is illegally traded or dumped annually. The statistics underscore the enormity of illegal waste. The financial and environmental burden on government, businesses, and individuals is no longer bearable. Even then, the global population is at a tipping point, which means the demand for production and the accumulation of waste is almost unavoidable. A call to responsible wasteRead more

Essential Questions to Ask Lawyers

When seeking legal representation, asking the right questions is important to make sure you make an informed decision. Here are some key inquiries to pose to potential attorneys: Experience and Specialization: Begin by asking about the lawyer’s experience in the specific area of law that pertains to your case. Inquire about their track record and if they have dealt with similar cases in the past. Video Source Fees and Billing: Understanding the lawyer’s fee structureRead more