Are You Applying for a Patent for Your Most Recent Design?

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Anyone who keeps a haircut history recorded on his iPad is likely a unique character. In an effort to save time, your father, who is not even connected to the internet, records all of his haircut so he never has to waste a minute deciding if it is time for his next barbershop appointment. Never one to rely on his image in the mirror, he simply gets his hair cut every five weeks. The iPad helps him keep track.
You have always said your father could have made a fortune if he had ever taken the time to patent any of his ideas. But instead of benefiting from the patent of some of his clever inventions, your father, who was born into a house with no running water or electricity in 1932, is simply satisfied with the clever creations he has invented to make his daily tasks or once a year jobs easier and more efficient.
From simple inventions like a bottle brush attached to a drill to pull the silks of corn on the cob to his innovative use of pulleys, ropes, and handles, your father is a time saver extraordinaire. From gadgets as simple as a single nail suspended by a string from the rafter of the garage to indicate how far to pull the car in to a hand made wooden rack for efficiently storing brown paper bags to the self made trailer hitches and step stool drop tailgate on his pickup truck, your father has always been ahead of his time. In fact, he loves roaming the aisles of sold-on-tv stores and looking for newly marketed gadgets that are similar to things he created decades ago. Never one to chase money or fame, however, your dad is simply satisfied with all of the time and effort he has saved himself.
For your part, however, you have recently contacted one of the design patent law firms in Minneapolis on an idea you have in the works.
First Female and First African American Librarian of Congress Begins Her Assignment
Whether you are seeking legal advice from one of the design patent law firms in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, or Omaha, all patent applications must go through and be approved by the U.S. Patent Office. Trademarks and copyrights, on the other hand, are a part of the Library of Congress. And for the first time ever, these trademarks and copyrights will pass through a department that is lead by the first ever African American and the first female.
Appointed in July of this summer by a vote of 74-18, the U.S. Senate confirmed Carla Hayden for the top post at the largest library in the world. Before this appointment, Hayden has been the chief executive officer of the Enoch Pratt Free Library system in Baltimore. Hayden is praised by many for her commitment to keeping the Baltimore libraries open to its citizens even during times of political and social unrest. She drew praise last year when she kept Baltimore’s libraries open during the unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who’d been in police custody.
And while it might not at first seem that there is much of a connection between patents, trademarks, and libraries, it is important to understand that for a patent to be approved and enforceable, they must be monitored by a central governmental agency. Patent lawyers and trademark attorneys must be well versed in the documentations needs for both offices. Design patent law firms in Minneapolis, for example, have to meet the same requirements as a legal firm on any coast.
Often, the secret to a successful patent is winning the race to the filing. And while cost does not initially seem to be an issue, involving the best attorneys can help clients reach their patent goals. So although you can simply pay the $35 fee and attempt to file a patent yourself, experts advice the use of legal attorneys to more successfully receive a patent, a copyright, or a trademark. In the last two decades, patent lawsuits increased from an average of 500 a year to nearly 3,000 a year. Whether you are looking for design patent law firms in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or Monterey, the best legal patent and copyright advice pays off.

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