As if Fighting Traffic Itself Weren’t Enough Traffic Tickets, Ugh!

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Do you know the best way of fighting a traffic ticket? Would you take photos? Study up on arrest procedures? Research the best websites that promise to help you fighting a traffic ticket, a red light camera ticket, or hit and run offense? Not if you want action.
You want help fighting a traffic ticket! You wouldn’t try to fix your car’s engine yourself, would you?

Did you know that by early last year, there were an estimated two hundred million licensed drivers in the United States?? And that’s doesn’t even take into account the unlicensed drivers – who the Automobile Association says are 66% more likely to flee the scene of an accident.

And doesn’t it feel like all 200 million plus drivers are driving here, in California?

With so many drivers on the road, and so little in your personal control, it only makes sense to get help if you find yourself fighting a traffic ticket. You want someone who has experience dealing with a suspended license or felony traffic violations. Let someone who knows what they are doing do the work for you.

One third, or 33%, of all Americans have a friend or acquaintance who has been injured or even killed in a >red-light running accident. And, almost all drivers think that other drivers running red lights are a major safety threat. And they are right, but it can’t always be “them.” Sometimes it is your mistake. And then you need an attorney who specializes in red light violations.

And even when you are in the right, you still need help fighting a traffic ticket. If you’re charged with:

    a cell phone ticket
    a hit and run offense
    driving with a suspended license
    an unpaid ticket warrant

…you need a traffic ticket attorney.

Obviously, it goes without saying that DUIs are no joke! Did you know that drivers are considered to be driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level of just .08 or higher? Any crash involving a driver with a BAC of .08 or higher is considered to be an alcohol-impaired-driving crash. If you’re found guilty of a DUI you can have your license suspended, or worse. You need an experienced drunk driving defense attorney at your side. An experienced DUI attorney knows how to beat your ticket, how to deal with misdemeanor or felony traffic violations, and what to expect at a DMV hearing.

Your car is your chariot. It takes you where you want to go and it gets you there with elegance, style and speed. Don’t let that same speed slow you down.

Again, you wouldn’t tinker with the engine yourself if it was making a clunking noise, so do not try to deal with a speeding ticket yourself. Always get a reliable, established attorney for traffic tickets.

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