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Looking for Divorce Advice? Look No Further

Everyone loves weddings, but unfortunately, a high number of married couple will eventually seek a divorce. In the United States, the divorce rate for a first marriage hovers at a little above 40%. Not much improves with a second or a third marriage — the divorce rate for a second marriage is 60% and 73% for a third marriage. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you might be seeking divorce adviceRead more

10 Facts You Likely Do Not Know About Divorce

Divorce is one of the few issues that touches the lives of an overwhelming majority of Americans, often before even reaching adulthood, if not with their own parents, then those of friends or relatives. With such widespread impact, one would expect the accuracy of the information circulating in the general public to be high, but the reality is far more mixed. Misinformation and ignorance are states that can only be rectified by knowledge, and toRead more

Not All Marriages Work Out If Yours Doesn’t Would You Know How To Get a Divorce?

Divorce after marriage is not something anyone counts on. However, divorce doesn’t have to always be messy, especially if it is amicable and uncontested. With that said, you may be wondering, do you need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce? Not necessarily. Divorce out of court is common. In fact, many people are now choosing mediation instead of going to court. Mediating a divorce is an effective way to reach an agreement that everyone isRead more