Dash Cameras in Police Cars are Just as Important as Other Cameras

Dash cameras and in car cameras are beneficial, but sometimes they are vital. In cases of police related incidences a dash cam can be the difference between hearsay and evidence. Dash cams for police officers are becoming more and more necessary. In a recent survey of 8,000 officers over 90% of them revealed that they have increasingly growing concerns over the safety of their job. Cameras have been shown to help all those involved in traffic stops tremendously with more than half of all officers agreeing that body cams would encourage appropriate behavior from officers, which probably explains why one-third of 18,000 departments already had them in use in 2015.

Cameras can help with a variety of incidents and having multiple cameras during an incidence can be even more beneficial. Most smaller police departments consider investing in body cams before looking for police dash cameras for sale, but those police dash cameras for sale should be just as much of a priority. See the multiple benefits of these cameras below to help your department decide to search for police dash cameras for sale for use in the patrol cars.


Criminals are prosecuted and the conviction relies on hard evidence. The dash cam video is exactly the hard evidence needed. Videos can be stored for months or even years then one day be needed. Having evidence when needed can help the conviction process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.


Trying to train new employees on ways to handle a variety of situation? Why not use experienced veteran police officers in your training. The videos produced from these dash cams many be used as evidence, but they can use as training material for new hires.


When a normal routine traffic stops turns tragic fingers are pointed, and unfortunately this day and age they are usually pointed at the officers. Just as a dash cam can convict a criminal it can also help clear a police officer. The protection provided from these cameras not only encourages appropriate actions from an officer during routine stops, but it shows that all protocol was followed during the stop even if the situation takes a turn for the worst.

As you can see the benefits of police dash cameras are numerous. This day and age video evidence is a must for proper protection of everyone involved in all incidences. Sending your police officers into the field fully equipped with the right cameras can make all the difference in the world.

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