Do I Need a Federal Appeals Attorney if I Want to Appeal My Federal Conviction?

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Our legal system rests on the assumption that the law applies to every citizen. If you are convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal the conviction if you believe the law was incorrectly or unjustly applied. If you are considering appealing a federal conviction, it is helpful to consult a federal appeals attorney to guide you through the process, which is much different than the criminal trial.

  • A trial is held in a trial court.
  • This is where evidence is presented and the facts of the case are determined. In a criminal trial, the defendant’s guilt or innocence is evaluated after the judge or jury considers all of the facts. If there is a conviction, the trial court also decides the punishment.

  • Following the conviction, if the defendant believes the law was unfairly applied to the facts of the case, an appeal may be filed.
  • Federal appeals lawyers specialize in such cases and are familiar with the rules of the Court of Appeals, which are different from the rules of the trial court. The criminal appeals attorney does not consider the facts of the case, which have been previously determined in the trial. Instead, the criminal law attorney reviews the legal basis of arguments presented by both sides. The court of appeals does not question the facts of the case, but rather considers any errors pertaining to application of the law.

  • An appellate attorney has experience with the Court of Appeals (federal circuit court), and will review your case to determine if there is a basis for appeal.
  • If there is, your legal attorney will work closely with you to go over the facts of your case. They will look for an error in the application of the law that had an impact on the verdict or sentence, and they will file an appeal to overturn the outcome.

If you decide to appeal a federal conviction, it is critical to consult a federal appeal law firm. The role of the federal appeals attorney is extremely important to the outcome of your appeal Because no new evidence is considered, the court’s determination of a flawed application of the law rests only on your attorney’s arguments. This means that it is extremely important to have an experienced appeals lawyer who understands the legal appeals process. Appeal law firms can help you determine if you should appeal a federal conviction, and a federal appeals attorney knows how to navigate the Court of Appeals.
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