Four Reasons Why You Should Appeal Your Rejected VA Disability Claim

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Every veteran who comes home from serving in the armed forces with a disability or life-altering condition has the right to receive compensation from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or the VA.

And if you have filed for benefits with the VA and have had your VA disability claim status rejected, you might feel like this isn’t true. However, the VA has previously stated that its average error rate is around 14% when dealing with VA disability benefits, while other studies estimate the error rate closer to 40%. This means your claim may have been rejected due to a simple clerical or administrative error.

If you feel like you’re being kept from getting the compensation you deserve for your disability, here are four reasons why you need to appeal your rejected VA disability benefits claim with the help of a veterans lawyer:

1. You have the right to choose your veteran attorney: Veterans are legally permitted to choose their own attorney to both file for VA disability benefits and to appeal rejected claims. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this by hiring the best lawyer to help you receive your compensation.

2. You will need legal advice: While many veterans can file their first disability claim without the help of a lawyer, appealing the VA’s decision with the U.S. Department of Appeals is a much more complex process. To get advice for your claims appeal that’s tailored specifically to your situation, it’s recommended that you hire a veterans lawyer.

3. You have limited evidence of your condition: Many VA disability benefits claims are rejected on the basis that there isn’t enough existing evidence to prove the veteran has a disability. If this sounds like your situation, hiring a veterans lawyer can help you attain the proper documentation from a doctor or psychiatrist to prove that you need this compensation.

4. You deserve compensation: Living with a disability — whether it’s physical or psychological — is tough, especially ones that have been incurred while serving in the armed forces. You shouldn’t have to go without this compensation for your disability. By hiring a veterans lawyer, you can successfully appeal for the disability benefits you deserve as a veteran. More info like this.

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