Four Situations In Which To Get Litigation Advice For Free

No cost litigation advice

Anyone can obtain litigation advice for free at any time through a number of legally focused organizations that advertise their services at no cost. The advice is what is free here, not the actual services, and so anyone has the right to ask for this advice. But when and where is it most appropriate to actually seek litigation advice for free? Read on for four specific examples of when getting this advice for free will offer the most advantages.

One, get litigation advice for free if your legal situation is uncertain and you have no idea whether to pursue a legal proceeding. Say you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, but the other person did not have insurance. Seek free litigation advice to understand how best to go through with the process of suing the other driver and of getting compensated for damages. But before you take the plunge and hire someone, get this litigation advice for free. If anything, it serves as your starting point.

Two, get litigation advice for free if you were fired from your job and now are wondering whether legal action must be taken. If you were fired for no good reason at all and now you are left without unemployment and without a paycheck, you have rights. Those rights can be discussed through obtaining no cost litigation advice from a trusted legal professional. This person will be honest with you and will let you know whether you have a case. And you will get this information without paying a dime for it.

Three, get litigation advice for free if you are going through a painful divorce and are unsure whether mediation will help or a court proceeding will do better. Bring what you can with you and try to leave your emotions at the door, and let the expert providing this litigation advice for free calmly explain to you how each situation will work. Once the expert has finished, you can go home and decide whether to duke it out in court or settle your divorce proceeding behind closed doors through a mediator.

Four, get litigation advice for free if you currently have a lawyer and have paid a consulting fee but instinctively feel like you are getting ripped off or that the attorney is misguiding you. Getting a second opinion could be very helpful here. It could also lead you to choose a better and stronger attorney.

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