Veteran Unemployment Rates Skyrocket

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Did you know that, according to The Washington Post, veteran unemployment rates are at a record high, with as many as 246,000 veterans out of work? Veterans are, in fact, being denied work due to high disability rates and lack of relevant experience. There is hope, however. In fact, there are a number of government programs and legal practices in place to ensure that veterans have equal employment opportunities, reliable health care, federal assistance programs, educational funding, and more. What legal privileges can veterans expect?

A Fair Chance At a Reasonable Livelihood

Recent veterans, or veterans who served post 9/11, are most in need. In fact, almost half, or 44% of post 9/11 veterans are struggling to readjust to civilian life, according to Pew research. Research suggests, moreover, that employers are turning down veterans for reasons largely outside of their control. What are some of the most common factors at play?

  • Disabilities and Lack of Related Experience
  • According to the Council of Economic Advisers adjusted national unemployment rates, as of July 2013, were about six to seven percent. Unemployment rates among disabled veterans, however, were nearly twice as high, or as high as 12.5%. Many veterans, moreover, lack civilian job experiences. Vice president of a veteran placement firm, Bill Scott recommends, “There are not that many people who have a military background, and they need to go about the process of learning how military skills relate to other jobs.” Veterans are not, however, simply out of jobs.

    What Can Veterans Do?

    There are a number of government programs, law firms, and assistance ventures that offer free legal help for veterans. Veterans need to realize that they are eligible for free litigation advice, free legal answers, or sometimes even a free attorney consultation. Attorneys can help veterans make the most of laws and assistance programs. For example, from a legal standpoint, veterans are just about first in line for employment. The Washington Post reaffirms, “Veterans receive preference when applying for federal and a wide range of other government jobs. They qualify for government-funded education and job training. Industry groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce host job fairs aimed at veterans. And a host of firms target veterans for jobs they consider hard to fill.” Attorneys can help veterans ensure that these privileges are realized.

    Veterans should not go without jobs. Free legal help for veterans can help Americans make a reality of federal assistance and preferential treatment.

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