How to Answer Your Marriage Problems Questions

Questions to ask a divorce lawyer

There was once a point in history when marriage truly was intended for life. In our age, we now know that such thoughts are optimistic at best. With divorce rates at an all time high in America, many individuals are rethinking earlier conceptions of both marriage and divorce. Whether you’re ready to settle down, or just hoping that seven is your lucky number, it pays to know what to expect from both marriage and divorce.

The Reality of Divorce

Throughout the U.S. there are 6,646 divorces filed every day and 46,523 filed each week; the total number rounds out to one divorce filed every 13 seconds. Around half of all marriages end in divorce, with the percentage only increasing after subsequent marriages. At their best, a divorce can be a mutual decision that results in a divorce settlement through a shared attorney; at their worst a divorce can consist of one-sided child custody battles. Whether coming to a consensus or struggling with difficult divorce settlements, an attorney can help answer all of your marriage problems questions quickly and thoroughly.

Reasons for Divorce

There are thousands of reasons for why someone ought to get married, but decidedly fewer for why someone should get divorced. Surveys have shown that a lack of communication is the number one reason why marriages fail. A lack of communication stems from disinterest, scorn, or simply prioritizing other interests. In these circumstances, one or both parties are dissatisfied with their partner and either set out to work through the issue or file for a divorce — divorces are often cheaper and quicker than therapy, or so the divorce rates would suggest. Those couples who successfully find marital problems solutions often dismiss the idea of divorce and live happily in marriage with each other. Sometimes a marriage is less than ideal and divorce may truly be best for both parties; in these cases, all of your marriage problems questions ought to be directed towards a divorce attorney.

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