I’m Getting A Divorce Who Can Help Me With Child Custody And Property Management?

Family law attorneys

Are you attempting to file for a divorce? Are you unsure how to start going about managing child custody or property agreement? It’s time you sought out family law legal advice. Attempting to navigate the legal system is something many Americans attempt to do only to meet wall after wall of issues ranging from fees to consultation to additional problems they didn’t anticipate. Divorce attorneys, child custody lawyers and family law firms can assist you with every step of the way to ensure you’re not lost on your way to a viable conclusion for all parties involved.


Marriage is on the decline in the United States. Researchers have concluded that anywhere from 40% to 50% of all first marriages, followed by 60% of all second marriages, will end in a divorce. The country sees one divorce happening every 30 seconds or so — this adds up to nearly 2,400 every day, 17,000 divorces every week and nearly 875,000 divorces on a yearly basis. The average length of a marriage that eventually ends up in a divorce is nine years for the majority of older couples. People generally wait an average of three to four years after a divorce to remarry, though many don’t remarry at all. Family law advice routinely covers areas relating to marriage, divorce and child custody.

Child Custody

A common issue that follows on the heels of divorce is that of child custody, affecting millions of American couples and children every year. The year 2011 saw nearly $40 billion in child support owed, with the average amount due per year exceeding $6,000 — that’s around $500 per month, though this number will change depending on the amount of children involved and their particular needs. If you are unsure about the amount of child support you should be receiving or whether or not any additional life factors may interfere with coverage, consider contacting child custody attorneys for further help.

Domestic Violence

Should you be the victim of domestic violence it is imperative you seek out the assistance of family law legal advice. Domestic violence is not only physical but can also be mental and emotional, creating an unsafe environment that needs intervention as soon as possible for the safety of the individual as well as any children or dependents involved. One in four women are estimated to be victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes, compared to one in seven men on average. The United States sees more than 38 million women experiencing some form of physical intimate partner violence — the year 2011 saw nearly 1,500 women murdered by men they knew, with rates higher during an argument or after a break-up.

Seeking Out Family Law Legal Advice

Whether you’re attempting to create a child custody agreement between you and a former spouse or want to explore your options concerning a domestic violence situation, it is essential you use all of your available resources. Family law legal advice runs the gamut of financial to social, giving you the tools necessary to properly address each step and reach the safest legal conclusion possible. Family law child custody can aid in paperwork and relocation involving the well-being of dependent children, while divorce lawyers will assist with everything from separation to property intervention. Seek out a family law practice today and see how they can help you.

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