Real Estate Lawyer Linda Orlans

Foreclosure law firm michigan

Having graduated from law school in 1987, Linda Orlans is a real estate lawyer now runs a law firm and law title company with 300 employees working under her. When she first got out of law school, Linda Orlans worked for an insurance company. She later started her own law firm dealing with equity loan clients and today she is now the founder of Orlans Associates, P.C. in Michigan and the eTitle Agency, Inc. which is in Troy Michigan. Her company also has a branch in Boston, Massachusetts.

Linda Orlans is well known for her services to a foreclosure law firm michigan. The same law firm that Linda Orlans is associated with is also a mortgage default law firm Michigan. These types of law firms, plus her real estate law firm Troy, are real estate law firms that service clients who are investors in real estate. Linda Orlans is very successful at providing expert legal services for banks and lenders in the real estate industry. Linda Orlans is also there to represent people who need legal advice, guidance and legal representation for bankruptcy proceedings and defaults. Clients who need a lawyer for special loan transactions can also retain the services of Linda Orlans and her team of legal professionals today.

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