The Importance of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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Most of the citizens who currently reside in the USA had ancestors who undertook a long migration to USA. Even today, about 27% of the United States population was born in a foreign country. There are still thousands of people who wish to become U.S. citizens and who may reside in the United States without legal documentation. However, it is of utmost importance to find an immigrant attorney and begin the process of becoming a citizen. The good news for undocumented immigrants is that there is a way for them to find a free immigration lawyer by appealing to the government.
What do Immigration Lawyers do?
U.S. Immigration lawyers assist a possible U.S. citizen develop their citizenship request and ensure that the request is as polished and professional as possible. The best immigration attorneys will stay current on the most recent immigration laws that have been passed and keep their clients in the loop. They’ll guide their clients through the process, which can often be bewildering, especially if the client’s first language is not English.
Why the Migration to USA?
Many immigrants make the migration to USA for their children. About 75% of immigrant children have become U.S. citizens, thanks to the United States nationality law. The parents want a better life for their children, with access to healthcare, redress from the law, the ability to vote, hold a legal job, and make a better life for themselves. The United States offers that chance for a better life, especially for poorer countries. For other, wealthier countries, the United States offers a cheaper way of living. Many immigrants who come from dictatorships or other oppressive governments seek a place where they can exercise their freedom of speech and press.
Why Should Undocumented Immigrants Seek Citizenship?
A good immigration lawyer will tell you that seeking citizenship goes beyond the financial and economical benefits, although those are two of the main reasons immigrants come to the United States in the first place. One of the biggest issues that many undocumented immigrants face is no way to appeal to the law if they have a grievance. Since they’re technically illegal, a personal injury claim or anything avoiding law can result in a further investigation, which may end up with their deportation from the United States. Countless cases of injustices towards undocumented immigrants have resulted. In order to protect themselves and their families, if they have the means to do so, it’s important to at least attempt the process of becoming a naturalized citizen. Additionally, once a United States citizen themselves, they can help sponsor other family members who may be living abroad, and assist them in becoming a citizen as well.

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