The Numbers Breakdown That Can Predicts Divorce

If you’ve concluded your marriage is over, you’ll probably have mixed feelings. After all, it’s difficult to admit your marriage has come to an end. But, if you’re sure, you must begin thinking about the practical aspects of divorce. To protect your assets, and to protect your home and any children, it’s essential to contact a divorce lawyer.

First Visit With an Attorney

When you first meet with your divorce attorney, they’ll help you complete a divorce information sheet so you understand the process. If you decide it’s not yet time to file for divorce, they may encourage you to initiate an informal separation. You may wonder, “What is informal separation?” It’s a period when you and your former spouse live separately, but neither of you has filed for divorce.

Questions You May Ask

Once you file for divorce, you may ask your lawyer, “I have filed for divorce, now what?” They will explain the next steps and guide you as you take your case through the courts. You may also wonder, “What does it mean when a divorce case is closed?” It means the court has legally ended your marriage, and all agreements about property, custody, and alimony will become law.

Why do marriages end? Because every marriage involves two people, there will always be two sides to the story. Research into family law reveals the numbers on divorces show some clear similarities between many couples. Many divorce lawyers like to say that 50% of marriages end in divorce. And they’re right: about 40 to 50% of first marriages do, with that number growing to 60% for second marriages. This raises the question: can we predict which couples will split according to statistics? Read below to decide, and find out if your marriage may be at risk.

How Old Were You When You and Your Spouse Married?

The older you were when you married, the more stable the marriage is supposed to be. Perhaps it is due to maturity. Adults who have had more real-world experiences, and found healthy ways to cope with stress may be more empathetic and open to communication in a relationship. A younger adult may also still be figuring out what they want in life. The risk is that they may chose a partner who doesn’t align with their ten-, fifteen-, or twenty-year plan.

Couples who marry at or before the age of 20 have the highest rate of divorce out of any age group. Those couples who married before the age of 25 fair slightly better, with couples who married after 25 experiencing the lowest rate of divorce. However, this statistic should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. People develop at different ages due to the different stages they go through in life. Some partners are ready for children at 23 years old, while others may not have a family on their mind until their late 30s. Different goals can destroy a relationship if a compromise is not reached.

How Long Have You and Your Spouse Been Married?

How many anniversaries has it been? One or five or 15? While many people have realized the first year is not always an extension of the honeymoon, it is a few years down the line that they divorce. Typically, couples divorce most commonly in their ninth year of marriage. Why? It is unclear why the ninth year is the end of the line for so many spouses.

Does a Divorce Solve Problems?

A marriage is dissolved every 36 seconds. That amounts to about 2,400 divorces every day. For marriages with children, family law becomes a concern. Child custody lawyers advise for everyone in the family to remain calm, sane, and communicative, because it imperative for a non-messy divorce.

Child custody legal advice is sought out most often when the divorce is contested. This means that the two parties cannot reach an agreement on how custody will be distributed. Family law mediation tips include remembering to think about what is best for the children, and which parent can spend the most time with the children day to day and know their regular activities.

Divorce is an uncomfortable subject for most people, and understandably so. There is the distribution of money and property, and tumultuous emotions run high. It is best if both partners begin the process with fair, clear goals for the outcome of the dissolution. Doing so can help end the marriage as amicably as can be expected.

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