Top 3 Leading Causes of Truck Accidents and Where You Can Get Help

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Let?s face it. Accidents tend to happen unexpectedly, catching us off our guard and sending us into a whirlwind of paperwork and medical bills. Don?t try to take on all the stress by yourself. Hire a truck accident attorney and they?ll help you through the entire process. Specially trained to help their clients post-accident, a truck accident lawyer will work to locate the best care the area has to offer and will take over the insurance company negotiations to ensure you get the money you deserve in the car accident settlement.

While you may not realize it, a truck accident attorney is called upon more often than not. In fact, in 2013 it was reported that 21,132 vehicle passengers who were involved in fatal vehicle accidents died and about 2.05 million passengers were injured. Why are the numbers so high? Here are the top three causes of car and truck accidents:

  • Texting While Driving

    This is a major issue among car and truck owners. It?s been estimated that throughout the nation about 660,000 drivers are either on their cell phones or other electronic device while operating their vehicle during any given day. Texting, calling or reading messages while driving results in a multitude of distracted drivers. In 2013, approximately 3,154 vehicle occupants were killed and about 424,000 others were injured all because a driver wasn?t paying attention.
  • Driving While Tired

    Some drivers think that they can just fight through the sleep in order to make it to their destination. This just isn?t possible and raises the risk factor for you and others who are on the road. As a matter of fact, the total number of crashes that have involve tired drivers equals more than 100,000, resulting in over 1,500 fatalities.Additional research has shown that one in five truck accidents are caused by a tired driver.
  • Drunk Driving

    Getting in the car after you?ve been drinking is never a good idea. No matter how much you?ve had to drink, your clear thinking has been compromised and you shouldn?t be operating a vehicle. It?s been estimated your average person has driven drunk about 80 times prior to getting arrested and, while people take part in drunk driving about 300,000 times per day, less than 4,000 have been arrested. This results in someone being injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes.

While the car and truck accident statistics may be staggering, there is help for those who have been injured. Personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers are here to assist their clients through this tough time, so don?t hesitate to locate the best truck accident attorney in your area.

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