What To Do If You Get Hurt At Work

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If you were recently hurt at work, the first thing you should know is that you have rights. Workers who are injured in both major and minor ways are entitled to a fair exploration of their claim and perhaps even workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is based on a workers ability to get employed after their injury as well as their economic loss while out of work. For example, worker who loses a limb at a factory site may not be able to work in his or her field of manual labor ever again. Workers’ compensation would take that into account. However, not all workplace injuries are so drastic. For example, a worker who sprains an ankle for a small trip and fall would likely return to work shortly after.

About 86% of companies have a program to help employees return to work after their workers’ comp is over. If ever you feel like you can’t make a claim because it could threaten your job, this fact is important to keep in mind. Things happen on the workplace and your employer has likely dealt with these things before. The urban myth that people exaggerate workplace claims to get aid is simply not the case. In fact, most disability and workers’ comp benefits cover just 50 to 70% of a workers actual salary.

If you are awarded workers’ compensation, your amount could be awarded weekly, similar to your regular pay. Over the previous 10 years, the medical field has experience price inflation of more than 48%. You and your company many have worries about the mounting cost but that should be the least of your concern. After all, it is harder to get well when the body is riddled with worry. One way that companies can manage the high costs of workers’ compensation is to put more safety procedures in place. Another way is to look closely at how abundantly doctors prescribe narcotics that could easily be abused – like pain medication.

If you got hurt at work, you deserve great workers comp lawyers on your side. Workmans compensation lawyers have experience navigating the road to being fairly compensated for workplace incidents. You should’t wonder what to do if you get hurt at work because workers compensation attorney can lay a roadmap to tackling your case.

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