Month: July 2014

Common Reasons to File a Personal Injury Claim

People suffer injuries all of the time, but it can be confusing figuring out whether or not you should file a personal injury claim. You should always consult an experienced accident injury lawyer about legal matters, but here are some common reasons that people file personal injury claims. One reason people file personal injury claims is because of injuries they sustain as the result of a car accident. Car accidents are sometimes due to someone’sContinue reading

Connecticut Man Arrested For Cutting Watermelon

Stand Your Ground Laws — and rules and restrictions along the same lines — may be getting somewhat out of hand. The Associated Press reports police apprehended a Connecticut man, and he may face criminal charges, for passive aggressively stabbing a watermelon.. The man Carmine Cervellino, 49, has been temporarily released, after paying a $500 bond. What Does Stand Your Ground Mean? Accident injury attorneys have their hands full, thanks to Stand Your Ground laws.Continue reading