Month: August 2014

Do You Need an Employment Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Rights as an Employee?

Would you be surprised to know that since 2008, the incidence of cases brought against employers in the United States for violation of employee laws has increased many times over? That shouldn’t be terribly surprisingly, not when you realize people need their jobs more than ever. If they’re going to have to stay in a job at less than fantastic pay, most feel that violations of their rights are worth fighting against. Enter the employmentRead more

Four Reasons Why You Should Appeal Your Rejected VA Disability Claim

Every veteran who comes home from serving in the armed forces with a disability or life-altering condition has the right to receive compensation from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or the VA. And if you have filed for benefits with the VA and have had your VA disability claim status rejected, you might feel like this isn’t true. However, the VA has previously stated that its average error rate is around 14% when dealing withRead more

The Four Facts Everyone Should Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In 2020, 381,217 chapter 7 bankruptcies were filed, making up 70.2% of all bankruptcies filed that year. When deciding to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s best to enlist the help of a chapter 7 attorney who will guide you through the process. On your own, you may miss debt categories that could be eliminated, or you may have errors in your filing that cause your application to be rejected. To locate a bankruptcy filing,Read more