Month: July 2016

Are You Applying for a Patent for Your Most Recent Design?

Anyone who keeps a haircut history recorded on his iPad is likely a unique character. In an effort to save time, your father, who is not even connected to the internet, records all of his haircut so he never has to waste a minute deciding if it is time for his next barbershop appointment. Never one to rely on his image in the mirror, he simply gets his hair cut every five weeks. The iPadContinue reading

DUI Consequences for Repeat Offenders

There are many different consequences after being arrested for a DUI, and they depend on your state laws. However, you’ll probably need DUI lawyers either way. Most first-time offenders might get away with a fine and some probation, but you’ll be in much more trouble if it keeps happening. Most people don’t know the difference between general impairment vs DUI. The former might not be the driver’s fault, but a DUI is normally caused becauseContinue reading

The Bail Bond Process Explained

Once the police arrest someone suspected of criminal activity, they will take them to jail. It could be on accusations of a crime involving assault causes bodily injury family violence bond amount. If you want to get out of jail before your trial date arrives, you must post cash or collateral with the courts to secure your freedom. The bail bond process can be confusing, especially if you are new to it. If you areContinue reading

Car Accidents And Personal Injury The Reality

If you or a loved one has recently been in a car accident or has otherwise suffered a personal injury, it’s time to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, an auto bodily injury or a bodily injury caused by another accident can cause immense suffering and also result in hefty expenses. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers can provide assistance. With an auto bodily injury, medical bills are not the only cost. Folks can lose theirContinue reading

The Cost of Doing Business With a Court Reporter

Court reporting services play a critical role in our legal process. Regardless of the nature of the legal dispute, the testimony of witnesses involved in the case is generally the skeleton for with the case is built upon. It is the job of the court reporting services who record the depositions to accurately capture every word of the testimony, either through transcription or by legal videography. The intent of the witness’ testimony could misrepresented byContinue reading