3 Reasons Why Personal Injury Lawyers Should Be Your Friends

A personal injury law firm can help ease the burden of tragedy on its clients by providing legal services. They also offer protection coverage following an accident or injury. Personal injury victims need to understand why this type of law firm could be beneficial if the need arises.

A reasonable attorney will help you understand everything you need to do to file a successful claim. You can consult an injury lawyer about several elements regarding personal injury law. For instance, you can enquire about the personal injury protection coverage meaning.

One of the main reasons to hire a lawyer in injury litigation is that the process can be complex if it is your first experience. Lawyers typically have access to numerous rehabilitation facilities to help patients recover from injuries more efficiently and deal with mental trauma. This is where the benefits of having a personal injury attorney come into play.

An injury lawyer is knowledgeable on the aspects of personal compensation. They will help you navigate through the claim process after an injury occurs. One of the biggest concerns with insurance claims is that you may pay far more fees than you receive for your claim. For this reason, personal injury lawyers who represent clients on a contingency basis are essential. You only pay them if you win.

Accidents happen, and unfortunately they are rarely predictable and often inevitable. Even if you take every precaution to stay out of harm’s way (which is highly-unlikely in itself), you cannot control the environment and other people around you. For this reason, personal injury is a phenomenon that we must attempt to avoid and yet prepare for in every way possible.

On top of that, there are several types of personal injury cases which can occur in a variety of settings. For many people, driving and driving-related accidents are a huge issue, while others are faced with malpractice and other issues when they try to seek medical help. With all this being said, here are 3 reasons why personal injury lawyers should be your friends:

  1. The Chances of Sustaining a Personal Injury on the Road Are High. This is based on several statistics, none of which are fun. In 2013 alone, over 21,000 vehicle passengers died in traffic accidents, while over 2 million passengers were injured. With the rise of handheld technology and social media, distracted driving has become a full-force issue as well. Over 3,000 were killed and 424,000 were injured in vehicular accidents which involved distracted driving. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a motor accident than car passengers, while 76% percent of those hurt in truck accidents in 2012 were not occupants of the truck itself (of that percentage, 3% were bystanders, pedestrians etc.). If all of this doesn’t hit a nerve, remember that someone is injured by drunk drivers every 2 minutes.
  2. People Can Sustain Personal Injury While Receiving Help. While not as common as traffic accidents, medical malpractice and errors can sometimes cause more problems than they fix (not only physically, but also emotionally and financially). Almost 50% of outpatient personal injury cases involve an incorrect diagnosis, while the most common reason for inpatient claims is surgery error. Unfortunately, the system can be tiring and take a long time to work through–on average, an injured patient waits 16.5 months before filing a malpractice lawsuit, which then takes an average of 27.5 months to reach a verdict or settlement. That’s a total of over 3-and-a-half years since the incident occurred in the first place!
  3. With the Right Personal Injury Lawyer, You Have a High Chance of Winning. Whether it’s winning the case or receiving a settlement in your favor, you have a high chance of being the one who comes out on top. Of all of the medical malpractice claims which make it all the way up to a court trial, the plaintiff (injured) won the verdict in 21% of all claims; however, 61% of these claims ended in a personal injury settlement in favor of the plaintiff. How much are we talking about here, exactly? The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the average compensation for personal injury claims from healthcare mistakes and medical malpractice was $290,000 for outpatient cases and $363,000 for inpatient cases. Almost sounds worth it, doesn’t it? Almost.

Have you ever been harmed in a traffic accident or been affected by medical malpractice? Have you ever been assisted by a personal injury lawyer and/or received compensation after a grueling claim process? Please feel free to share your story and thoughts in the comment section below!

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