Don’t Stay the Victim of a Drunk Driving Accident Hire an Experienced Attorney!

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Being in a car accident is many people’s worst fear. Everyone has heard the heartbreaking stories about how lives and families can be ruined in a matter of seconds because of one careless moment — a drunk driving accident, texting or falling asleep behind the wheel, looking away at exactly the wrong time…the list goes on. Some cases can be more complicated and require an auto accident attorney to help manage the case and offer advice and guidance during the case. It can be overwhelming for victims of an auto accident to also have to deal with legal proceedings, so hiring an auto accident attorney (or for more complicated cases, even a whole legal team), is often the wisest choice.
What Causes Most Accidents on the Road?
Sadly, the highest reason for car crash fatalities still remains drunk driving at over 30%. It costs the United States almost $200 billion every year and every day it’s estimated that people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, with less than 4,000 ever being arrested for doing so. Carelessness is another big reason, just 1% underneath the percentage for drunk drivers. Speeding (and not being able to stop in time) or not taking other proper precautions before getting in a car cause thousands of fatalities every year.
Over 15% of car crash fatalities happen because of distractions — in 2013, over 3,000 people died in car crashes because of a distracted driver. Over 400,000 were injured. Cell phones have unfortunately contributed to driver distraction — at any given moment during the day across America, over 650,000 drivers are using cell phones or another electronic device while they drive. This includes changing music on your phone, looking at your GPS, and more. Studies show that your eyes are off the road for only about five seconds if you’re texting and driving, but if you’re going at 55 mph, it’s the same as being able to cover the length of football field blindfolded. Now that’s a scary image!
Just over 10% of car accidents are caused by bad weather — heavy rain or snow, bad winds, and other weather related accidents.
What Will an Auto Accident Attorney Help You With?
Knowing when to file auto accident claims is a huge part of the process — some states have a time limit on when you can legally file. Insurance claims, deciding who is at fault in murkier cases, and getting monetary compensation in the case of hospitalization are all issues that your auto accident attorney can help you with. If you have serious injuries or injuries that require long-term care (for example, if you were paralyzed as a result of the car accident), you’ll definitely want an attorney on your side.
For one thing, your attorney is perfectly familiar and comfortable with the law and what procedures have to be followed in these kinds of cases. In most situations, he or she has dealt with similar claims or cases before, gained valuable experience and knowledge from working those cases, and is better equipped to help you win yours! In drastic cases, they can file a lawsuit — which can often help prompt the other party into acquiescing — and then help you prepare your case.
Throughout the whole process, they’ll be the ones advocating for you, managing the paperwork, and helping you figure out what’s in your best interests. They’ll make sure you get a fair hearing should the case go to trial and that you’re compensated fairly. Even if you’re filing claims and it never goes to trial, your attorney will assist with gathering evidence, dealing with the insurance companies, composing and drafting official letters, and making sure that you’re not being cheated or treated unfairly by the insurance company or other party involved with the accident.
If you or your family has been seriously impacted by a motor vehicle accident, it’s often the best course of action to get an attorney on your side. They can make a huge difference in resolving your case quickly and efficiently and can take a huge burden off your already suffering family.

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