4 Reasons Drivers Receive Reckless Driving Charges

Driving an automobile is an important responsibility. Unfortunately, there are situations in which people sometimes drive in an improper manner. In turn, many people need to contact a criminal defense law firm. This will help ensure you have the best chance of receiving a favorable outcome should your case go to the courtroom. It’s understandable to be confused as to what constitutes reckless driving in the state you’re living in. With that in mind, here are four possible reasons you can be charged with reckless driving in the state of Oregon.

  • Alcohol or Drugs Combined with Speeding

    In many cases, reckless driving will need to involve one or more crimes. Therefore, one reason someone can be charged with reckless driving is when they’re speeding and under the influence. However, reckless driving can also occur if you’re under the influence and driving into other lanes or engaging in similar types of reckless behavior.
  • Someone Reports Your Driving and the Police Find Drugs

    Again, reckless driving is often a combination of multiple events. For instance, an officer pulling you over and detecting alcohol would be a DUII. Imagine someone gets out their cell phone and reports that you’re driving erratically. After nearby officers spot your car and pull you over, they detect the presence of alcohol which would likely lead to a reckless driving charge.
  • Combined Use of a Cell Phone While Under the Influence

    Statistics show that nearly 660,000 drivers in the United States use some type of mobile electronic device while driving at any given moment during the day. You’ll want to know that messing with your phone while driving makes you three times as likely to be involved in an automobile accident.
  • Having a Child in the Vehicle While Under the Influence

    Not all instances of reckless driving involve someone reporting your driving. In Oregon, you can be charged with reckless driving if children are in your vehicle while you’re driving under the influence. You should never drive impaired, especially with children in your vehicle. Law enforcement officers can and most likely will charge you with child endangerment. In turn, this can lead to you facing much more serious charges. You’ll definitely want to consider contacting a criminal defense law firm immediately while involved in this type of situation.

In closing, there are several reasons someone might be cited or arrested for reckless driving in Oregon. If this situation is happening to you, it’s important to have assistance while preparing a criminal case defense strategy. Possibly facing criminal charges is serious which means you need to contact a criminal defense law firm. The Sixth Amendment ensures you have the right to legal representation. Therefore, it’s your right to contact a criminal defense law firm right away.

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