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How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a rough business and it happens to millions of people, every day. And every one of those people needs a good divorce lawyer. Whether you are going through a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce or a divorce with child custody, the divorce lawyer you choose will be your right hand in the process. As we know, divorce is anything but uncommon. In America alone, 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce.Read more

A Divorce Experience That Fits Your Needs

Good divorce lawyers may seem difficult to come by, especially when you have a cut and dry divorce experience with low assets, minimal custody issues, and more. Not every divorce situation needs to be a difficult, trying matter that puts you thousands of dollars in debt or requires you to attend court hearing after court hearing. If you need divorce help for the smallest issues and aren’t sure where to turn, look no further. DivorceRead more

4 Reasons You Need a Qualified Attorney as a College Student

The college years can be tricky to navigate. It is the first time that you are living on your own and making your own decisions. You are learning to navigate the adult life and attempting to figure out your career and social future at the same time. A single mistake during this important transitionary time can be damaging to your future. If you find yourself in legal trouble during these years, it is crucial thatRead more

3 Questions You Have to Ask Before Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

Hiring an adoption lawyer can be a great idea, but you have to ask a couple questions first. After all, adopting a child is a huge life change, and should be approached as cautiously as possible. It’s not the sort of thing that should ever be rushed. Here are just a few of the questions to ask family law attorneys before signing them on to help you adopt. What Are Your Qualifications? One of theRead more

Finding a Divorce Attorney

When a marriage has irrevocably broken down, it may be time for a divorce. You may wonder, can I handle my own divorce? It is possible to represent yourself in a divorce, but it is usually recommended that you get a divorce lawyer to represent you. Can you use the same attorney in a divorce? Yes, many couples seek to save some money by being represented by the same attorney. This should only be doneRead more

Find An Honest White Plains Divorce Lawyer

Most of the time, divorce can be a challenging process with emotions running high. It is only in rare cases where both parties are willing and ready to separate peacefully. A divorce takes time to be finalized by the court depending on the state laws of where you come from and the specific details of the separation. It takes up to one year as both parties live separately in some states, waiting for the court’sRead more