A Divorce Experience That Fits Your Needs

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Good divorce lawyers may seem difficult to come by, especially when you have a cut and dry divorce experience with low assets, minimal custody issues, and more. Not every divorce situation needs to be a difficult, trying matter that puts you thousands of dollars in debt or requires you to attend court hearing after court hearing. If you need divorce help for the smallest issues and aren’t sure where to turn, look no further.

Divorce in America Today

There are some things you may not have known about divorce and just how prevalent it is. Some people feel very left out when their marriage comes to an end and they aren’t sure how it got to this point. It’s normal to feel helpless in these situations. About two-thirds of the people who file for divorce are women. In most divorces, infidelity by one partner was the leading cause of divorce for them. When your divorce involves factors like asset distribution, alimony, and custody, you may wonder how we can play a role and get you the best results for the things that matter most for you.

Custody: One of the Largest Issues in Divorce

Custody issues come to light in a variety of divorce cases, but they are typically ones that can be viewed by the court and solved through communication between the parties. One of the biggest issues is when you will see your child and the determination of physical custody. As it stands, when a father is separated from their child due to divorce, about 22% of fathers will see their children more than once a week. This is usually due to standard agreements by the court that will give more physical custody time to the parent who is the sole provider for the child, such as taking them to their extracurricular activities, taking them to visit with family members and improving their bonds with others, and many more aspects that are in the best interests of the child. If you have questions concerning custody, you can ask a family lawyer about your case.

No matter what issues you are facing in your divorce, you should choose a divorce lawyer who suits your needs and helps you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are divorce lawyers who are willing to work with you on a variety of issues to get you these results.

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