How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Questions to ask your divorce lawyer

Divorce is a rough business and it happens to millions of people, every day. And every one of those people needs a good divorce lawyer. Whether you are going through a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce or a divorce with child custody, the divorce lawyer you choose will be your right hand in the process.

As we know, divorce is anything but uncommon. In America alone, 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. Couple that with the fact that 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce and a whopping 73 percent of third marriages in America end in divorce. The facts bear out the case. So, you see, if you are in this situation, you are anything but alone.

Divorce can be a mind boggling process, however, and you need to choose your divorce lawyer very wisely. And there is time involved, depending on the complexity of your situation. The average time for divorce proceedings is about a year, so be prepared. Is there child custody involved? Do you have grandparent visitation or even grandparent custody involved? Do you know how to find a divorce lawyer? The process can get lengthy.

There is a lot of research and fact finding you can do on your own, however, to help your case. For instance, if you find a divorce lawyer whom you think you might work with, ask yourself, do you need mediation for child custody? What does that mean? Find out just what are the important questions to ask a divorce lawyer. And do you actually know, what is an uncontested divorce? Being as informed as you can be on your own will help you in consultation with a divorce lawyer you choose, and can help you save on legal fees.

Internet research to find a divorce lawyer in your area, or by personal referral from a friend or colleague, is a good starting point in finding a divorce lawyer. Many have websites that can help you in advance with questions you might have to face, such as who will get your family home? What about custody of the children, if that applies? Some divorce lawyers even offer special services for medical and dental professionals, or business owners, as their needs may be very specific.

No matter how complex or simple your divorce needs may be, rest assured that someone has gone through it before you, and that there is a right divorce lawyer for your unique situation. And try, as best you can, to be prepared, and to look to the future beyond the divorce process.

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