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When to File for a Divorce, and Why

Marriage is a staple institution among adults, but divorce, the legal end of a marriage, is also common in the United States today, and many statistics are kept to find out who divorces when and why. In fact, such habits as smoking or having certain career types may affect divorce rates, and divorce for physicians may be more common than divorce rates among other professions. Salespeople seem to experience divorce more often as well, andContinue reading

Three Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is almost always a stressful and painful process, and it’s usually because it’s also a legal process, not just an emotional one. When it comes time, you’re going to need a lawyer to help you through the process, but you can’t just hire any one. You should interview all prospective candidates. Here are three questions to ask a divorce lawyer before hiring one. 1. How do you plan to handle my case? OneContinue reading