When to File for a Divorce, and Why

Marriage is a staple institution among adults, but divorce, the legal end of a marriage, is also common in the United States today, and many statistics are kept to find out who divorces when and why. In fact, such habits as smoking or having certain career types may affect divorce rates, and divorce for physicians may be more common than divorce rates among other professions. Salespeople seem to experience divorce more often as well, and their rates might rival those of divorce for physicians. In any case, other general behavior or problems such as drinking, violence or the threat thereof, or more can lead to divorces today, and divorce for physicians may be handled similarly as divorces for others: by hiring legal aid to promote one’s side of the issue. Once divorce papers are filed, it is likely that both spouses will have a divorce attorney on their side for the terms of the divorce such as child custody and division of assets.

Who Gets Divorced?

Is divorce for physicians more common than that of other professionals? Is a third marriage more likely to face the divorce process than a first? Can a person marry to young to prevent divorce? Many statistics are being kept about American divorces today (and international statistics are noted as well), but each marriage is different. There are still some general trends, however. The five most common reason for divorce have been determined, and chief among them is infidelity, and men and women have been found to commit this act at similar rates. Communication issues may also lead to a divorce (although couple’s therapy can help with this), financial problems or disagreements (such as how much to save versus spend or bad debt habits), abuse (physical, verbal, or sexual), and a simple loss of interest can all be common reasons for divorce for physicians, sales professionals, and more across the nation. Even the relationship before the marriage can be a factor; it has been noted that couples who date for three or more years are more likely to keep a happy marriage, while those who get engaged before a full year of dating may be more likely to end up divorcing. A longer dating period can help both people determine compatibility (or a lack thereof), and to figure out how to mesh their professional, personal, and financial lives effectively.

The rates of divorce may also be affected by how often one or both spouses has been married before. Statistics show that first marriages end in divorce at a rate of 41%, and second marriages may end in divorce 60% of the time and third marriages may end in divorce a huge 73%. Women initiate divorce proceedings in about two out of three cases, and they tend to be slightly younger at this time. Their mean age at a divorce is 29, and men’s mean age at divorce is 30.5. And ironically (due to Valentine’s Day), February is established as the month with the most divorce proceedings out of the year.

The Process

Divorce for physicians or other high-level professions may happen because the working spouse spends a lot of time away from the household or is stressed and upset, or even depressed, about their career, and without effective communication or counseling, this can sour a marriage quickly, and if other factors come in such a drinking or infidelity, divorce may become even more likely to happen. One of the spouses will file the paperwork for a divorce and will have an attorney on their side, who will represent their legal interests during the divorce. And if the other spouse is violent (or threatens to be so), or does drugs or abuses alcohol, the divorcing spouse may in fact leave their residence and relocate somewhere private, and that spouse may take any underage children with them and keep them away from the other spouse during the divorce. In the meantime, the other spouse may look to divorce law firms and get their own legal defense. These two attorneys will negotiate on their clients’ behalf for possession of property and money, child custody, and anything else for the terms of the divorce. Even a restraining order might be issued if the need arises.

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