Choosing The Right Attorney Can Mean The Difference Between A Successful Case Or Wrongful Conviction

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Anything can happen. This is wisdom you’ve been brought up with since you were a child, though it can be easy to forget when you move back and forth between the humdrum of daily chores, work, school and family obligations. When you’re assaulted by a stranger or find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation with your spouse, it can be almost too shocking to address. When you remember what you’ve been taught, it’s important to also remember you have legal resources on your side. An assault attorney can assist you during these hard times, offering you the support and advice you need to get out of a bad situation and back into your everyday life.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most common forms of interpersonal abuse in the United States. Domestic violence can be emotional, physical or a combination of the two — ongoing studies are regularly conducted to assess the risk rate for certain parties, with one in four women expected to experience domestic violence sometime during her lifetime. More than three million children will witness domestic violence in their homes every single year and, in two out of three female homicide cases, women were killed by either a family member or an intimate partner. If you feel unsafe in your own home a domestic violence attorney can assist with restraining orders, relocation and community support.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is reaching an epidemic in the United States. Every single day people will drive drunk a collective 300,000 times but only 4,000 or so will be arrested. The average drunk driver has been found to drive drunk 80 times before their first arrest, with repeat offenders often needing the aid of a car breathalyzer to reduce the chances of another offense. While drunk driving usually includes alcohol, the term has since been expanded to include driving under the influence of illegal drugs or over-the-counter medication. Should you be in an accident involving a drunk driver it’s imperative you find the right attorney. A DUI defense attorney is experienced when it comes to drunk driving, property damage and lawsuits.

Petty Crimes

Did you know nearly 10,000 people in the United States are wrongfully convicted of minor to severe crimes every single year? Since 1989 there are over 300 convictions that DNA evidence has overturned and seen thrown out of the court room. A petty crime ranges from minor theft to vandalism, all of which can be analyzed by a criminal defense lawyer before you see a courtroom. Finding the proper attorney means you can avoid potential accidents such as being wrongfully convicted or receiving the wrong sentence. More than 68 million people in the country are living with a criminal record, that of which doesn’t necessarily have to impact your life if you choose the right lawyer to represent you.

Choosing An Attorney

Finding a law firm and asking them for the appropriate attorney will help you avoid potentially being wrongfully convicted. An assault attorney can assist with any form of violence, while a domestic violence attorney should specifically be requested in regards to a partner or spouse. A compassionate lawyer can get your life back on track once the proper paperwork is filed, witnesses are questioned and court hearings are competed. If you’re worried about whether or not an assault attorney or DUI defense attorney is right for you, contact legal professionals and make sure to ask every question you have. You’re not alone in your struggle — remember that there are legal resources available to help you get in control of your life once more.

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