Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Be a Step Toward Financial Recovery

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Headlines across the country tell of financial stresses–both personal and institutional–that seem to have no end. If you find yourself in an individual financial predicament you may need to find out how to find a bankruptcy lawyer. If so, you are not alone. Many states are recording record number of bankruptcy filings. Personal bankruptcy filings in California, for example, have increased approximately 600% since the year 2006.

While some economic failings are a result of poor financial decisions by individuals and families, many are the result of unexpected illnesses. The American Journal of Medicine reports that in the United States 62% of bankruptcy filings are the result of illness or medical bills. Combining financial woes with medical situations can be especially stressful and straining. Another indicator of the personal bankruptcy crisis is the following statistic: In 1980, businesses accounted for 13% of bankruptcies. Today, they only account about 3%, indicating the toll that personal bankruptcies are having on individuals across the country. It is imperative that you know that there are people to help, whether you are looking for lawyers in Fort Smith, Arkansas, or a lawyer for filing for Oklahoma workers compensation.

Your first step in the road to recovery is figuring out how to find a good bankruptcy lawyer. Lawyers for bankruptcy help get results. While an average Chapter 7 case can cost from $1,500 to $3,000, with an attorney the success rate for these claims is over 95%.

Investigating how to find a reusable lawyer is import in more than medically caused bankruptcies. Lawyers for social security disability might be able to avoid bankruptcy issues in the first place. Choosing a lawyer in a personal injury situation or work related situation can also help keep your family from financial ruin. Did you know that workers reported over three million occupational illnesses and/or injuries in the year 2013 alone? When you realize that 60% of all people filing for bankruptcy in 2011 have salaries of less than $30,000 you realize how important it is that these people especially know how to find a bankruptcy lawyer.

As you prepare to find someone to represent you in a bankruptcy case the first thing you need to do is brainstorm questions to ask a bankruptcy attorney. A good attorney will have plenty of questions to ask you in the fact-gathering stages of his or her first meeting with you, but having a list of your own questions will help you feel empowered and will assist you in the first steps of recovering your financial stability.

Knowing how to find a bankruptcy lawyer will be especially helpful if you are part of the recently reported 8% of individuals who have had to file for bankruptcy at least once before.

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